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Doug Wardwell is a media writer/video producer with 18 world awards for excellence. A former instructional, cable, corporate TV director and emeritus professor of mass communication, this is his first novel which takes place in his home town of Eastport, Maine. As a born again Christian , Wardwell sees how prophesy in the book of Revelation is being fulfilled in the many “wars and rumors of wars”, hurricanes, devastating tornadoes, tsunamis, conditions of drought and rise of the Anti-Christ that he believes is occurring right now. He sees only one outcome before the coming battle of Armageddon: the absolute need for those who profess to be Christians to follow Jesus and save their souls or follow Satan and be condemned.

Author’s book is published through Tate Publishing, a mainline publishing house dedicated to working with aspiring authors and giving their book its best chance in the marketplace. If you’ve ever thought about publishing a book, you should visit Tate Publishing.